Gresham Court Retirement Village

Gresham Court is a small retirement village which offers affordable housing for those who are retired. It has 22 well maintained units in a beautiful setting on Devonport Road. Each resident has their own private dwelling, garden and onsite parking, but can also connect with neighbours in the shared garden.


Gresham Court is the result of the vision, compassion, and generosity of Frank Gresham.  He saw the possibilities of this complex and made it a reality. He left a heritage where many retired people have an affordable home to spend their twilight years. Unfortunately, Frank didn’t see the result of his vision as he passed away in February 1980, two years prior to it’s opening in March 1982. 

Application process

Currently there are "No Vacancies", however, if you wish to be considered when a unit comes available, please contact to register your interest.

Applicants will need to complete an application form, attend an interview and meet certain criteria, one of which is to qualify for Work and Income's Community Service Card.

We will make contact with you and request an application when a unit is available.

Gresham Court is owned and managed by Tauranga Central Baptist Church.


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